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Summer is Almost Gone

September 09, 2014

back in panama 2014 copyback in panama 2014 copy

Panama is how I spent a large chunk of my summer. It was a truly wonderful time for me to share with my children the place I spent many summer days as a teenager. We were able to visit with my family and my children were able to experience another culture and another part of the world. Just heaven for me as a mama.

We did have a couple of Texas summer weddings that were amazing and I will post photos of them soon. But mostly, I took a break and hung out at the beach or by the pool while this heat played on. 

Even though it doesn't seem like it quite yet, this heat is going to go away soon - at least I keep reminding myself about this :) And there will be that prime time before it's ice-cold outside. Last year most of the mini sessions I did were in November. The first part of November was great! But then it started getting really, really cold, especially for the morning session slots. Cold-weather tears, red noses, and frozen fingers are no fun!

The question was, how do I persuade clients to book a session with me when they aren't thinking about having a photoshoot yet? 

And that is why I am offering the promotion below. E-mail me to reserve your spot! I am not currently taking anymore bookings for November, so please don't wait. 



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