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Nothing But Rodeo - NBR Fashion Shoot

September 13, 2014

NBR Proofs-12-EditNBR Proofs-12-Edit A friend of mine, Karissa Gustave, started an incredible Rodeo apparel company called Nothing But Rodeo (NBR). Please visit her website to learn more about it: http://www.nbrnothingbutrodeo.com/

The shoot was really fun. We met at Leo Carillo's Ranch in Carlsbad, California. The models all got dressed in the parking lot. Boots, NBR hand-painted belts, and Nothing But Rodeo shirts were flying everywhere until there was a good fit.

Just loved working with them. Karissa is Kaitlin Gustave's sister, the professional rodeo rider whose senior photos I blogged on my old site. I will have to see if I can get those photos back up on my blog because that was also a really fun shoot. 

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