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Mohsenian Wedding

September 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wedding.2.28.14-216Wedding.2.28.14-216 This wedding was just darling. Something that I am learning about Houston is that every day there is a 50% chance it will rain. Maybe it will, maybe it won't... and the actual weather rarely obeys the weather forecast around here. I am a big fan of shooting when there is golden light that comes only on a nice, sunny day. But that is obviously up to the weather and so you just never know what you're going to get - especially for a wedding. It was drizzling a bit when we got there, but then stopped when we were taking photos, and the clouds even parted enough for us to get a couple of golden sun photos!

I second shot for my friend Ciera Kizerian of Ciera Kizerian Photography. To view the photos she took, click here. She did a great job and was very organized.

Artistically, I really do enjoy being an inconspicuous second shooter because of the freedom it gives me to take photos of whatever I'm in the mood to take photos of. I have tried to convince my husband that he should be the main shooter and I'll be his second, but he tells me that I'm better at giving orders than he is. I secretly think he doesn't want to share :)

Kidding aside, there are wonderful perks to being the primary or the secondary. When I'm the primary, I enjoy being able to control what the image will turn out like to a certain extent. I especially enjoy the excitement of how the lighting I use as a primary shooter during the couple's first dance is going to turn out in the pictures. When I'm secondary I feel like people ignore me more and so I can wander around taking more photos of details and candids. So, I am grateful to be in either role and this wedding was definitely so much fun. Lovely bride and a wonderful family.
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