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Fulshear Staged Shoot: Behind the Scenes

September 24, 2014

Staged Shoot Fulshear-17Staged Shoot Fulshear-17 We kept thinking it was going to rain on the day of the shoot, and in fact it did. But, it only started raining after the last picture was taken and it was time to go home. I truly felt as though angels had been holding back the rain so that we could feel successful. 

Reluv'd Furniture had just acquired a new warehouse and were still in the process of getting their furniture moved into it. With three models to shoot and potentially a lot of furniture set ups, I invited my friend Jan Saenz to come along to help me capture everything. She did awesome. Unfortunately I don't think her photos from the shoot are posted publicly, but if they end up going up somewhere, I'll link them here. I love working with her because of the differences in our style and ideas. Plus she has a very calming way about her :)

I decided to post these images first because this was my first impression of the day. Extremely talented people moving around quickly, working magic, making masterpieces... It was fantastic. 

My sweet friend Liz Blaine came along and was a wonderful assistant, catching stray hairs, and helping with lots of other fun detail. 

I'll be posting the photos from the shoot tomorrow night, so stay tuned! 

Coordinator - Kelly Baltazar
Furniture - Re-Luv'd Design
Caterer - Squash Blossom Catering
Models - Ashley Jackson, William Blanchette, Sarah Michener, Chloe & Tom Trammel, 
Second Photographer: Jan Saenz
Photographer's Assistant - Liz Logan Blaine

Make-up - Sandra Mata Makeup and Hair
Hair - Candice Beck, Downtown Studio Salon
Gown and Veil: The Princess Bridal, Old Town Spring & Designer Exchange Consignment
Accessories: Angela Marie Bridal Accessories

Staged Shoot Fulshear-23Staged Shoot Fulshear-23

22 Candice working some serious magic. Sarah's hair is straight and fine and the finished result was amazing! 66 Staged Shoot Fulshear-43Staged Shoot Fulshear-43 11 Can we say talented??? Staged Shoot Fulshear-56Staged Shoot Fulshear-56 Staged Shoot Fulshear-51Staged Shoot Fulshear-51 33 Kelly setting up. 44 Amazing caterers! We even got to eat the food when the shoot was over. YUM! Staged Shoot Fulshear-2Staged Shoot Fulshear-2 Staged Shoot Fulshear-25Staged Shoot Fulshear-25 55 Staged Shoot Fulshear-64Staged Shoot Fulshear-64 Staged Shoot Fulshear-67Staged Shoot Fulshear-67 Staged Shoot Fulshear-85Staged Shoot Fulshear-85 Staged Shoot Fulshear-96Staged Shoot Fulshear-96 photo of me taking a photophoto of me taking a photo This last photo was taken by Reluv'd Furniture.