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Childs in the Bluebonnets

September 10, 2014

Childs BB Mini 2014-34Childs BB Mini 2014-34

The Childs family was so adorable. It was early in the morning when we did their shoot and they did awesome. I didn't have to do any photoshop head-swapping with this many young children! I loved the colors they wore too. SO CUTE!

Overall, the bluebonnet mini sessions last spring went really well. There was a good turnout and we were lucky enough to be able to get in there the day they unropped the blubonnet area... While I was shooting there I noticed a few other photographers that were also doing sittings, which I expected because of the area's popularity. But everyone worked well with each other and we were all able to get the shots we needed for our clients which was great. Enjoy the rest of these cute pictures!:

Childs BB Mini 2014-125Childs BB Mini 2014-125 33 Childs BB Mini 2014-113Childs BB Mini 2014-113

Childs BB Mini 2014-33Childs BB Mini 2014-33 Childs BB Mini 2014-117Childs BB Mini 2014-117 11

Childs BB Mini 2014-61Childs BB Mini 2014-61 22 44