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Glen & Nicole Panama Wedding

February 13, 2014

22 I am actually quite glad that I waited a bit to do this post. To be quite honest, I was a little bitter that I had to leave so soon. Now that some time has passed, I have accepted it. However, I do intend to return to this magical place at the soonest chance I have :)

My brother's wedding took place in the volcanic mountains of Volcan, Panama. Panama is extremely geologically diverse because of it's length and narrowness. There are tons of beaches, most of which are completely different from each other. There are the country areas with no hills and farms, and then you have Volcan. The area's climate is almost perfect all year round. Being from San Diego, then moving to Texas, I now realize how extremely rare that is!

Nicole was a gorgeous bride, Glen couldn't have gotten any luckier. There is so much love between them and they complement each other pretty perfectly. I love that I do photography. I love that I was able to capture this sweet and special day. It was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful I could be a part of it.
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