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January 17, 2014


I am going to start sharing some of the cute mini-sessions I got to do over the past couple of months. I may or may not type something on each post... These photos are of the beautiful baby Lydia right around her first birthday. She was such a mild, cooperative baby. We also took photos of her her siblings during another session - next post.

These were taken at some barns in the area. I was overjoyed when the man that owns the property consented to allowing me to use it. I would have totally understood if he said no because I'm sure it would getting tiring to have photographers ask to use your property to take pictures all of the time. But he is a kind man and likes to share some of the property's history with me each time I visit.   22 Lydia McArthur 2013-4Lydia McArthur 2013-4 33 Lydia McArthur 2013-51Lydia McArthur 2013-51