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October 31, 2013

Ella Hausman-79Ella Hausman-79 Ella Hausman-1Ella Hausman-1 We had originally planned to take Ella's photos a couple of hours earlier for lighting, but it ended up working out alright. Ella is such a pretty baby and the location was beautiful. My husband and I came across this spot on one of our many spot-hunting hikes. I don't know how long the wild flowers will be there, but I just love it. I hope I can use this spot for at least a couple more shoots before they die..

Ella's mom brought three different outfits, which I love because what is worn in a photo changes everything up so much. Isn't she a doll?! Loved this shoot.

4-24-2 1-11-1 Ella Hausman-8Ella Hausman-8 33 Ella Hausman-41Ella Hausman-41 Ella Hausman-42Ella Hausman-42 Ella Hausman-26Ella Hausman-26 Ella Hausman-36Ella Hausman-36 4-14-1 Ella Hausman-35Ella Hausman-35 This is Ella's older sister feeding her cheerios between snaps. Nothing beats sister love. Ella's sister Caroline feeding Ella cheerios between shots. Nothing beats sister love. Ella Hausman-72Ella Hausman-72 Ella Hausman-71Ella Hausman-71