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Bovee-Pierson Wedding

October 08, 2013
I met Britt at her parent's house that morning to get ready. Her sweet friend, and maid of honor, Jessica helped get some great photos while I did Britt's makeup.

We then left for Rancho Guajome, a national historic landmark which was previously owned by Britt's "Bandini" ancestors on her father's side. This heritage, combined with the guests she chose to invite and the photo collection she displayed throughout the reception created such a wonderful sense of family history and unity.
The wedding was performed by Britt's older brother DJ who became an officiator specifically for Britt's wedding. Britt is very close with her brother and so it was very sweet.

After they were married, we took some photos of the two of them while the tables and chairs were arranged for the reception. The reception took place on the same lawn the wedding was. People were able to visit with each other longer as a result of not having to drive to another location for a reception. Everything was seamless and special. A truly wonderful wedding day.

Britt and Tanner, I am so happy for you. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your day with me.