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Andrea's Bridals

October 09, 2013
I was wrapping up the edits on Andrea's big wedding day when I realized that her bridal shoot merited it's own post. I had originally planned to combine it with the photos from the wedding day, but there were quite a few I wanted to share.

We met at a nicely-landscaped subdivision, then to a grove of trees. I was lucky to have a sweet assistant, Liz Blaine, helping me, which made all the difference. I really like having an extra set of eyes, hands, and someone to bounce ideas off of when I'm taking pictures. 
I could be wrong, but I don't think Andrea was wearing makeup in these photos. And if she wasn't, well, I'm sorry but she is one of the prettiest girls I've seen without makeup on! That hair, that skin, those eyes... Alex is a lucky guy :)

Photos from the big day are coming soon...